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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Into the Typing Pool

I am really loving the type art everywhere on pinterest and how some very creative crafters have been playing with it. I haven't ventured into any home projects using type outside of my page makeup program, but I am collecting some ideas. I have been working on the next issue of the magazine so I have not had any time to indulge in my love of design.

I needed to build an ad for a prophecy radio broadcast advertisement, and I chose to use type to convey the message. I'm not there yet, as this is just a first draft, but it has been fun.

I think for my holiday decorating this year, I will try my hand at spray painting some wine bottles like the ones I found on pinterest  from Maryann Rizzo.

How gorgeous is this from something you would have thrown in the trash? I am also feeling this lake sign, only I would feel it more in turquoise:

I am not into the monogram thing, but I do like the rustic look of cork.

I am researching and learning how and what I want for my website and wanted to tweak the fonts in the magazine. A good link to learn all about type is Smash magazine, but enough swimming in the typing pool. 

I'll leave you with some eye candy I found at my favorite blog, House of Turquoise. No matter how little time I have to drool over design, I always make time to check out Erin's blog. She did not disappoint today either. I love, love, love this table and chairs. 

I have seen wingback chairs used as dining chairs and absolutely love the idea of it. If you like eclectic design as I do, check out her entire post. It's a beautiful blend of sleek modern and rustic.

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