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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Sleepy Poet

Had a lot of fun today with Laura visiting the shops at The Sleepy Poet. This place goes on FOREVER! Be prepared to spend at least 2 hours. The variety of styles was crazy. Almost every photo I took was blurry, but I do have to show you this one just because it featured a domino shout-out. And you know your heart beats a little faster when you see domino!

What woman does not love a big, rustic farm table. It is part of the fantasy of a big family get together with great food and a few good bottles of wine:

I was somewhat disappointed though.Word to the wise for my fellow bloggers who rent spaces: I understand it took time and money to find items and you have to pay rent, but pleazzzzeee, no off-the-hook prices. Sleepy Poet had a LOT of foot traffic but hardly any buyers. I picked up about 20 items I liked, but not at those prices. Keep in mind that only two types of people shop these places--antique hunters and bargain hunters.  Remember your customer.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Want That!

I was browsing photos of my favorite color combo these days, turquoise and orange, and found this photo.  I want that! I want to be in this boat. Now, please! It has been so hot in South Carolina.

This photo posted on House of Turquoise caught my eye and I am hoping that Erin doesn't mind that I am reposting it here.  After all, we do share the same love of turquoise. For more gorgeous photos featuring turquoise, you must visit her site.


Is it summer escapism or is it just that this room makes me long to get my feet in the sand and find a fishing pole? I have five more working days until a much needed vacation. I have given myself two whole days of R&R at Myrtle Beach but the rest of the time will be spent actually launching my new magazine, Royal Diadem, on ISSUU.  If any of you have used this platform and have some tips, by all means send them to me! Two days at the beach just isn't enough so some friends and I will be booking a cruise by the end of next week to go to the Bahamas in September. Can't wait to lock that down!

Last night I got the last permission I needed from one of the big players for the magazine. Very excited about that, but I have one more ad to build and then it is launch time with all the techno-babble that entails. I am thinking that when I get frustrated, I'll just grab a paint brush and knock out a few of those projects I brought home in the pickup. Here's a peek at the front and back covers. The fonts didn't transfer here because I am posting from a different computer, but this is the basic look:

Tonight is small group with the ladies. We are winding down our Ester series with some banana pudding I made early this morning and have chilling in the fridge. I am finally visiting the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte on Saturday with my friend Laura so I am sure I will have some great pics to post from that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Morning After

So before church this morning, I chose to give my oriental ginger lamp her overdue pedicure.  Here are the before and afters:


                                      Much Better!

I picked up the lamp shade yesterday for $5. Even using tape, I still had to clean up the base because I don't have precision painting skills, but it was an easy fix and it really is a gorgeous lamp. The little bit of black paint that seeped under the tape came off with no problem with a Q-tip and acetone. Here is a shot of the bleeds:

I also recovered one of the graphic lamp shades I purchased new but then didn't like. I had the idea to recover them for the candlestick lamps I picked up a few weeks ago to light my buffet, which I still have to repaint turquoise. My friend Doris suggested I use Mode Podge and it worked really well.  Here they are straight off the truck:

The fabric that I chose is a beachy Tommy Bahama knockoff that doesn't scream pink flamingos or stripped bass. I got it for the incredibly expensive price of 12 cents at a local thrift shop. (It was originally a quarter, but fabric was half off that day. Go me! BTW, I gave them a quarter anyway. It was for charity, silly!)  I like the pastel contrast with all of the dark wood in the dining room:

I think this sexy pair is going to look great on my new turquoise buffet. I am waiting for all of the glue to dry so I can trim the hems with a razor blade. When I turned on the lamp, you could see the uneven hem. Ugly! I will say that this is not a one-dimensional drum shade and it probably took me over an hour to glue it because the bottom of the shade is wider than the top of the shade. I will never intentionally recover a fabric shade with this type of dimension. But like it or not, I have one more to do.

I know that everyone wishes brass would go away but it will be back! Mauve, God forbid! The hinges on my dining set are brass and the mirror you see in the background is a true relic. I picked it up about 12 years ago at the Herald's Largest Yard Sale when I didn't even have a wall to hang a mirror on. I moved that baby everywhere I moved. Somethings are a classic and you just know it.

I am no designer but I hate for styles to dictate my home. I have made many mistakes trying to find my own style, particularly being too trendy, but I have learned that just because everyone else is yinging, you can still yang. So you can stop curling your lip at my brass. Before you can say, "in a skinny minute," you will be sitting in a house full of out-of-style brushed nickle wishing you listened to me. Get what you love and learn the art of mixing the classics with contemporary. Trust me, you will be a happier homemaker!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas

So much going on lately that I haven't had time to post anything or work on my projects. I hope to finish the lamp tomorrow and show the "after." I did yard sail some this morning before I went to spend the day with my mom shopping for Father's Day Gifts and birthday gifts. I haven't done the mall in like 10 years, but mom is in a wheelchair so we have to go where she can get in and out. You should have seen the look on the 24-year-old sales clerk's face at Victoria Secret when she rounded the corner and seen my mom in her wheelchair. Priceless! No push-up bras or sexy undies for mom, but she did want to find that perfume her granddaughter wore that she liked so much!

But back to the treasure hunting. I found some VERY cheap art at a multifamily yard sale this weekend thanks to sweet Diane and her Facebook tip. Thanks Diane! All of it is on the nautical side, which is the direction I am going for without being cheesy nautical. Love this print and it reminds me of the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras:

This print drew me like a moth to a flame because of the type of boat depicted.  I used to see these boats on the Chesapeake and even the Potomac when I was a little girl fishing with my family and I just love nautical maps. It actually looks awkward hanging in my dining room even though it is a large print because there is just too much wall for one picture. It's just plain lost here. Any ideas?

It is actually a print of Hilton Head, South Carolina and surrounding area. The flash and lighting just don't do it justice.

I found this tricked-out, I mean framed-out, mirror for $7 to complete the art wall in my bedroom.  This is my first attempt at layering and doing an art wall and it reminds me of what Stacy London from "What Not to Wear" always says: "It doesn't match. It goooeeesss!"

And go it does. I must save my reputation here and tell you that there is no smudge like the flash is showing. Heck, this girl goes cheap, but some things are worth the price. I love Perfect Glass. If I have to wash or polish something, don't make me do it three times Windex! Since I found my lighthouse picture, I moved the art from the hallway over the computer desk so this wall is finally on its way. I picked this oil painting up this winter at the Starving Artist show in Charlotte:

I know, you are distracted by my cute family on the computer.  Well, they are cute, so I don't blame you for looking.

Finally, I have to give you some context as to why I love the white mugs I purchased today for $2. Here's the thing: they are an entire set of matching mugs. I never knew one could attain that. Aspire, yes. Attain, no. You know how when your kids are little and every ornament on the tree is made out of macaroni or yarn and well, you go through Home and Gardens and your tree, well, it just looks like something Charlie Brown threw together. Well, I could not wait to get rid of my rag-tag, mismatched collections of mugs. Just because I can! I don't have to save every 99 cent mug some kid or coworker gives me from the dollar store (sorry guys). I can have grown-up, matching mugs.  And yes, we love the little bugers, but I can COLOR COORDINATE my tree now if I want!

These just make me smile. Now I have just got to stop keeping the roads hot every weekend and actually get some painting done. I also think I have officially missed spring cleaning my windows as it is now almost July. My grandmother would roll over in her grave. And the oven and refrigerator are long overdue for a little TLC.  I don't think there is a soul who hates cleaning her oven more than me and I have a self-cleaning oven. I can dust and mop till I drop, but I hate crusty-nasty ovens and that yellow globby substance that always accumulates under the vegetable bins in the fridge. What is this stuff?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Someone Needs a Pedi!

This pretty little girl needs a pedicure. She was my $3 yard sailing find and, although I think she is gorgeous, she needs some serious grooming. So in addition to hunting for a bar stool to go with my new desk, I have some sanding and painting work to do today. Have a good Saturday everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"New" Old Desk

One of my projects on the truck from last week's yard sale take was this butcher block table I found for $10. I have been looking for a computer desk and this was narrow enough to go in the master bedroom but needed the Lori touch:

So I got to sanding, painting, and polying;

Excuse the mess people but this is my workroom, otherwise known as the spare bedroom with no bed! Any hoo, here she is completed.  I have to find a chair YESTERDAY. Because of its height, I can't sit at the computer and type until I find a tall chair or bar stool. Ahem, any of you Rock Thrillians who have a spare, call me!

Nice, huh? Just hate all the wires dangling! This is actually a very large wall, and I have my eye on a painting and a print, I just have not been able to pry the money out of my wallet yet, so for now, no gorgeous staging! I'm happy though, for $10 and some paint, it's a steal! Next project is repainting the base of the gorgeous ginger lamp I picked up for $3.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yeah, You Turned My Head

Takes a lot to make me turn my tired head. And it's not that I'm jaded, just particular, really! I usually never mix business and pleasure but sometimes a lady can get carried away. I found myself really wanting this bag and I figured, heck, it's cheaper than buying a diet coke! So for $1, I bought some momentary happiness on Saturday along with a truckload of new projects. It takes sooo little to make me happy!

Same for these red petunias!  Jeez, Louise, they weren't making these pretty little things years ago. I don't like science messing with my food or my flowers, but DANG they are pretty:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

By the Sweat of My Brow!

What a great Saturday! Hope you are all enjoying this hot, sweaty, I mean sunny, weather. And sweat, I did! I started yard sailing in the early morning hours, cut the grass, cleaned down the siding on the back of my house, ran to the grocery store and home depot, then went to my son's apartment (with toolbox) to help him hang some curtains, washed clothes, cut the grass, and moved furniture like a fool. Why all this craziness you ask? Cuz I had to do my chores plus go treasure hunting. I don't call myself a girl with a penchant for yard sales for nothing. And I certainly found some sweet deals:

I really couldn't believe that I found this chair for $5 and the ceramic jar lamp for $3. I surprised myself by buying the tall lamps with brass, but if you have followed me at all, you know I want to redo that table in my dining room turquoise.  I never liked the graphic lamp shades I picked up for my bedroom, so I am thinking I may cover them in a great turquoise fabric and use on these tall lamps. As for the chair, after pictures pleazzze! Here is the after pictures of my bird cage and bird house, though he does sorta blend into the woods:

So now I have a pair of bird cages and it feels pri-t-y good! I just removed the fake vines and put in a real plant. I did save the fake bird though to put in my bird house. Isn't this cute?

While shopping for bargains, I met a a wonderful lady who has her own booth at the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte. We exchanged cards and talked shop. Dana promised me a trip, but now I have to go and snap some pictures.  It was nice meeting you today Laura Mallard! And Ms. Mallard had some great stuff at her yard sale:

She let me "steal" this rug from her for just $10. Whadda ya think? I know, pretty lady here is distracting you, but come back! Look how good her rug looks on my floor:

Nice for 10 smack-a-roos, huh? One thing about yard sailing is that you don't always find exactly what you need or want but you edit later.  I needed another table in my small hall because what I had was too wide. This isn't really my style, but for $5 it fits the space better and I can resell it later.

And finally, my pretty painted lady. All of the rest of the stuff in the truck are projects.

I think that is enough for one day. Whew, I am one tired lady! My best friend's son is graduating high school tomorrow (go Jordan!) and I promised to help her get the party on. We will be decorating and then hosting for a whole lotta high school boys and their families tomorrow. And I think I am tired now?

Yard Sailing

Getting ready to hit a few yard sales this morning before doing the Saturday morning chores. I have such a list: desk for computer, chairs for dining set makeover, light fixtures, and much more. Going to pick up some turquoise paint today and also make myself sand the walls in the spare bedroom. Still in love with turquoise.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Not to Like?

Since I can't get into any new projects for at least two weeks, I get to bug my niece by sending her gorgeous rooms featuring green, which is a color she is kind-of considering for her new townhouse.  She has this beautiful front window area just big enough for two chairs.  Check out these chairs and the other rooms featured in Traditional Home

That's the thing about a wing back, they always look right-now and fit into traditional and contemporary style if you pick a great fabric like this! 

I really like the idea of wallpaper for a stairwell, especially one that is cramped or you can't do much with because of its height or other constraints. However, I would pick a much more fabulous wallpaper than this one. It would absolutely need to be something you can live with for a while. And the chandelier in this photo, sorry but, "heck no!" Doesn't look by the railing that it is in an ultra modern home so it just doesn't go.

Still the wallpaper is a great idea. I would add some roman shades that complement the wallpaper and cozy up the space even more. Or maybe some frosted graphic birds. A great wallpaper with some painted stairs are even better. I really like this "new" trend as it is a great way to personalize the builder-box house. I grew up in a home that had painted red steps leading to the top floor. Don't know what that was all about, but what's old is new:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bees Knees!

So sorry I haven't posted any new material lately. Since returning from Virginia, I am working very hard behind the scenes on another project near and dear to my heart, the launch of my new Christian magazine Royal Diadem. I am trying to get permissions wrapped up before the final launch and I am still tweaking layout issues and doing last minute editing. I have also been trying to catch up on household maintenance.  My lawn mower pooped out on me and every weekend has been so full that the house has gotten, well, dirty!  I did finally catch up on the mowing, planted some zebra grass against my new fence, and hung some new flower baskets as well as planted just a small vegetable garden. Dang, I haven't even had time to salivate over other people's designs.  I have this little gem stored on my hard drive to share with you though.  As my daughter says, isn't she the bees knees? Just saying!

This photo is from an older Florida Design magazine spread.  I have always loved the look and feel of this room. I take it out occasionally so we can visit and chat.  She speaks to me, "Don't you love my cool blues?" "And oh yeah, Lori, you know you love oversized art." In this case, the art not only makes the room by lending it that extra something-something with its juicy pop of color, but this little beauty ties it all together and says, "That's right! I'm not just beautiful, I'm sexy!" It really does turn traditional on its head.  And what's not to love about the pale blue linen-like fabric on the chairs?  I like the contrast with the dark wood legs. That's right, she's got nice legs! Here's the link to see all of their delicious issues: Florida Design.