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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fever

I was shamelessly drawn into the Easter aisle today at Walgreens. Talk about eye candy. Everywhere my eyes flitted, they were bombarded with soft pastels--pinks, greens, blues, and yellows. Kitschy chicks and little white rabbits, oh yeah! Nothing like a little plastic green grass to make me crave spring.

Since my grown children are WAY past the Easter Bunny stage--long sigh--I'd best stick to just browsing great interior designs. Here are a few pastel danties that caught my eye:

Wowza! This was lovingly pilfered from Sarah Richardson's site. I so admire her sense of style and enjoyed her show back when I used to be able to get it. I think the modern idea of wing backs as end chairs is just brilliant. Perhaps this summer I can find a pair while yard sailing.

If two are great, maybe a gaggle is better?

I would never have thought to mix a brown zebra print with this chair but it looks so chic.

I am feeling the calm crispness of this blue hue, too! Dang, say that three times!

Pastels be damned, I just can't get enough of the beige-white combo and how restful it makes me feel.

Any other color pairing would not have been able to create this casual yet sophisticated look. The pastels in the art add just enough color to keep it from being boring! 

I am all over the juxtaposing of sophisticated trends with natural pieces. In this case, the natural element was painted a glamorous gold:

Here, the driftwood floor lamp and natural wood shades are mixed with some very current green and white drapes:

The effect is soothing and updates the oak end table and settee. My apologies to the owners of these fabulous pictures-rooms. I failed to note where I found them. I guess I could hunt them, seeing as I won't be doing any egg hunting this Easter.

I am usually drawn to bright saturated colors so this strange attraction to pastels must be spring fever!

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