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Friday, June 29, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

It's been surreal these last few weeks. Since losing my job, I have been at turns excited, frightened, and busy. It's also disconcerting to have my days wide open, sort of. It seems that when people know you are available, your dance card fills up pretty quick.

For someone who is usually disciplined, I can't seem to stick to a daily plan. Is this normal? Any hoo, I am just hopping from one project to the next. So here is what I have been up to in a schizophrenic sort of way:

I adore by brand new and tacky pink flamingos plucked straight off the shelf at Big K. Can we say, "Whoo-hoo!"

I can perform girl magic with a staple gun and some duct tape. I am also pretty handy with spray paint. Here are my etsy knock-off wine bottles. I just have one more to spray paint and then I am going to stencil them.

I also started stripping the dark Bombay stain from my coffee tables and end tables and here is where they stand now:

The goal is to sand them and try my hand at white washing. In the meantime, I finished spray painting my $7 chalkboard from Hobby Lobby for the dining room. 

While I have been trying to get my projects complete, I have been helping my daughter get her nursery ready for the new grandbaby (photos coming!) and it is the height of the growing season. Here's how my garden is growing:

And between all this there were two baby showers and a beach trip!

Unemployment is not for the lazy! I also have a mound of photos I am still organizing and scanning from Mom.

I got my first batch of photos scanned and mailed off to my cousin in New Mexico. Only thousands more to go, sigh! Then there is my brother's website that I promised I would try to integrate Word Press with, which I would be working on now except I can't get the passwords straight. What the heck was I thinking!

Oh yeah, then there is the job interview I went on, publishing the magazine, lunching and catching up with a lot of friends, and my trip to the Billy Graham library in Charlotte with my son and his girlfriend. It is no wonder I am crazy and unfocused. 

All of which brings me to this conclusion. I NEEDED these pink flamingos, yes I did. You see, now I can sip cocktails after dark and bask in a pink glow while slowing losing my middle-aged, I am most definitely in a crises, mind. Care to join me?

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