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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wild Wings

I was helping my daughter kill time today because we are in "baby watch" mode. She is so miserable, bless her little heart. Come on into the world Charlotte Ruth Bradford. We are all waiting to meet you!

So trying to be a good mother, I suggest a ride to the local Goodwill. It always cheers me up, you know?

I was so excited to find a new wing back chair. For $29, I think I got a steal! The fabric is also in fab shape.

It matches all of the colors in my bedroom except the toile curtains, which I have had them up for over a year now. And if you know me, that is a record! It is also comfortable.

Just what a grandmother in waiting needed. A little interior decorating pick-me up! Now, I need some new curtains.....sorry Charlotte didn't make an appearance this afternoon Dana, but you did get some pretty keen candles today and a few other nifty items. I just know I'm going to get a middle of the night call :)


  1. That's a great chair! What a deal! (curtains are easy/cheap to change, so keep the chair!) Good luck with the baby!

  2. OMGOOOOSHH! Im OBSESSED with that chair!!! I want to steal it from u like right now!!! Poor Dana!! Im praying right now that Charlotte will come tonight!!! I know thats so miserable the last couple weeks.

  3. Omg-the day before she was born. And you DID get your middle of the night call!