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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Project

My son and I finally got the main bathroom painted today. I have put it off forever because, in my humble opinion, there is nothing worse than painting around all the trim in a bath. We chose a soft gray but, unfortunately, the gray had an underlying blue tint. Still, it is a very sophisticated color even though the photos don't show well because of the vanity lights.

It would be nice to change out the oak towel rack to something more modern, along with a new mirror and light fixture, but my duplex is a rental. So....we won't go that far.

Overall a very productive weekend. With a cleanly painted room, I am now inspired to paint the other bathroom. And God knows I have needed some inspiration!

Between cleaning, painting, and grocery shopping, I baked a new Pinterest recipe, cinnamon cake, to try out on the family. Looking forward to spending a Sunday afternoon with them all, especially the amazing Charlotte. On the menu is steamed carrots, stuffed pork chops, and roasted greenbeans. Since I don't cook everyday, my palate is looking forward to it. I cooked the sausage and onions for the stuffing after painting and stuffed the chops ahead of time so that I only have to shove them in the oven after church tomorrow.

At the end of the day, we got a little snow, which is a big deal here in South Carolina. Around dusk, we had quarter-sized flakes. I shamelessly turned on my Christmas lights on the back fence so we could watch it fall from the window.

I'm glad it didn't amount to much, though it was pretty. I still prefer warmer weather and I am looking forward to spring and getting the garden planted!

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