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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Additions to the Family

It has been ages since I posted but much has happened. I left for my short Mrytle Beach trip and everything went crazy. My computer crashed and my mother got seriously ill and was hospitalized. The month of July has flown by and my magazine has not yet made it to the web or any of my other projects completed. There are, however, some bright spots to an otherwise hectic summer. Namely, a few new additions to my family of which I am very proud. First, is Graham. The red-headed sweetie in the pic below who asked my daughter to marry him. Cute couple, huh?

Not only is he easy on the eyes, he is handy! Thanks to Graham my Sleepy Poet chandelier is now hanging over the dining table:

We now will be able to see what we are eating and I am hoping that is a good thing. Gotta love a man who knows how to work a power tool AND electricity! 

The other new addition to the family is the metal seahorse you see here that I picked up at Ross for the incredibly expensive price of $12.99. This picture on the wall, though large, was just plain lost in the space. Though I love my seahorse, I have to say "no" to any more sea-themed items. One more nautical item and I will be teetering into tacky. Next for this room is finishing the other candlestick lamp shade and recovering those awful chairs.

The other edition to the family happened in May when Ailis and Robbie got hitched. I hate the circumstances of the visit this past weekend, but I am so glad I got to know this cutie a little better. He is a firefighter and an all around great guy, even if he does wear NY tees. You go Ailis! 

After a long day of visiting with "Grandma Sandy," a family game time was much needed. We watched family videos of when the gang were just rug rats and looked at old family photo albums.  Lots of laughter and good times were had by all. Of all the tragedies this month, including my best friend at work whose husband was in intensive care for weeks following a terrible car accident, the sound of my family laughing filled my heart with joy!

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