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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let There be Light!

Here is my "new" used chandelier that I picked up last Saturday at the Sleepy Poet for the outrageous price of $15.97. Steep, I know. Notice she has some turquoise on her? Hmmm, I wonder how that happened! LOL! So, I have to hook her up and swag her over. This requires using the stud finder. Don't get excited ladies, it is not as fun as it sounds. I must admit that while I am a whiz with a paint brush, I am a loser with tools. I am the only person I know who can use the stud finder and still put holes in the drywall without making contact. Who does that? All those whistles and bells in the wrong places! Thanks to this special skill I have, this lil beauty will sit here until I am REALLY motivated to get her up. They say electricity is our friend. I say, scared to death!

Please do not focus on these ugly chairs (sorry mom, I really do love you. But what were you thinking:?). This room is going to shine! God said, "Let their be light." And I say, "Amen!" But is there such a thing as rent-a-husband? I am a brave, brave girl, but electricity scares me. I guess it's nothing a few Miller Lite's won't cure? Just kidding! Do not do while intoxicated! Hope to recover my courage this week and show you some "afters" when I get back from the beach. I have way too much to do and only one week off--the painting, the magazine,  and the beach. Sounds horrible, doesn't it?  This is why I love Maxwell House. I don't go for that Starbucks stuff.  I mean, why waste, I mean spend, $4 for just ONE cup of java, when you know you need a whole pot. Quantity ladies, not quality, that's what I always say.  Besides, I can sleep when I am dead. Have a great holiday everyone!

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