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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cool Weather? Bring It!

Fall is my favorite season, so I usually can't wait to decorate for it. This weekend, I put away my seashells and foraged outside for some acorns and pine cones to put together a new arrangement for my dining table. I have always enjoyed the change of the seasons, but here in the South, I really start yearning in September for a break from the heat and some crisp fall air. Cool weather? Oh yeah!

It seems that so many people decorate for Halloween and Christmas but treat fall decorating like the poor red-headed stepchild. Share with me what you do to decorate for fall, if anything. Personally, I love everything about autumn: the foliage, the comfort foods, mums, football, pumpkins, and taking long walks in the frosty air.

And since I had a rare weekend of not keeping the roads hot, I also practiced  making my Hillbilly Housewife's "Beginner's Bread," recipe. I must say it is so easy a suburbanite can do it!

My daughter hung out with me this weekend and she did the cooking on Sunday. She made an excellent beef-tip stew that we ate over brown rice with my homemade bread. We talked about our mutual hatred for artificial ingredients, Monsanto, and GMOs, which brought me around to sharing with her another of my fantasies, that is, learning to make my own soft cheese once I have mastered a few bread recipes. Looks good, huh?


  1. I don't necessarily like to sit and watch football, but I love the entertaining side it brings into my home! Yesterday we had a house full of couples our age over to watch the games and enjoy my chili and cornbread. One guy admitted he had 5 bowls when they were leaving and said he never really liked chili before, haha!! (His wife asked me for my recipe!) My 1st fall piece of decoration is a cute wreath I found at my favorite thrift shop for $5! I can't wait to pull out my potpurri pumpkin you got me as a parting gift last fall. It will go great in my living room this year! You think there's a long weekend maybe that you can sneak up and see us this fall sometime? I just put in my two-week notice so my last day is the 23rd! Now I'll have time to really start painting and personalizing our house! Can't wait! There's a few places I would LOVE to bring you now that I've explored our area some.

  2. I would love to visit in the fall. Let me see what I can do. Please send me a pix of the wreath so I can share it with everyone. BTW, love the new furniture in the living room. The color is kicking!