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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fickle Lovers

I have not come across much that inspires me lately but I can say with all certainty that it is far more than a decorating funk (more on that later). Hence, the lack of posting. However, when I seen this room, I forgot about myself for a full 60 seconds and inhaled slowly.

I am in love with the calm understated colors of this room. The turquoise mixed with the natural elements of wicker and wood are serene and gorgeous. I particularly like how the designer mixed the old wooden crates with a classic damask chair. Truly, it sets my eclectic nerves acquiver. 

And on that natural note, I am really feeling the wicker on this T-back armchair:

The lobster pillows are a nice touch for this particular room--just too themed for me. Though I loved what was behind door #1, this is my favorite:

I love color, yet I am attracted to these natural, linen-like fabrics and understated designs. Hmm? Mostly though, I am attracted to the mood of this room. IF I was to add color to this room, it would be that beautiful, pale turquoise in the first photo. Still, I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

Maybe it is the creative person I am, but I find that as soon as I start to pull a room together, I fall in love with some other style. Obviously, I am a fickle lover! I think it is because I like to try on things and see if they fit, how I feel in them. I have always been a bit like that. I could never iron or lay out my work wardrobe the day before because when I woke up, I wasn't in the "mood" to wear it.

I also find that I have funks. Like the one I am in now. Please share if you, too, find that directing your creative energy is a bit like riding a roller coaster. When the juices are flowing and I can see the vision, I am in 100% and going full steam. It's the living in that place of same ole, same ole waiting on my next creative vision that weighs on my spirit.

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