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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Finds

So I have been wandering aimlessly all over the internet looking for inspiration just because it is that kind of a Friday. Here's what I found:

via Cbell

I love the pattern and painted white legs. It just needs to be in turquoise!  I want to salvage two wing back chairs this spring/summer and recover.

I like this driftwood floor lamp but all of the driftwood lamps are so expensive. If I lived somewhere where I could find driftwood, this would certainly be on my DIY list.

I am in love with screened porches and this would be gorgeous on my new mountain retreat home that I don't yet have. Decks are highly overrated for actually living in the outdoors. Too many pesky mosquitoes in the South.

I mean, shut up! Who would of thought some stenciled numbers on a rugged dresser would do this for me. In fact, rustic mixed with glamor pretty much makes my toes tingle.

This little humble beauty would look gorgeous with some upholstered chairs in my woodsy cabin.

This octagon table would look awesome on a contemporary rug or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, an oriental rug. Just PLEAZE do not put it in a log cabin. Too, too, much people.

This is just a sweet look and I am VERY fond of the white weathered paneling done horizontally. Would also look great in a woodsy cabin.

See a theme here? Again, at the risk of repeating myself, you must mix your rustic with your glamor. It is the unexpected that makes it so spectacular. I know the whole chandelier thing is a bit overdone, but hey, it makes my point, doesn't it? It was so unexpected that people fell in love with it.

Well, have a great Friday everyone. I promise to stop day dreaming about my woodsy cabin if you'll promise to work on those home projects you've been stalling on this weekend. Okay? But I could live here:

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