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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Scheming

My fondest childhood memories were spending time with my family at the beach or boating on the Potomac River or Chesapeake Bay.

I mean, don't my grandparents look happy?

So it is about this time of year that I start scheming on how and when I'm going to make my escape. It also doesn't help that I am reading Dorothea Benton Frank's novel, Folly Beach (highly recommend), and it is hot in South Carolina today!

I can already hear the sound of the surf, the feel of a fishing pole between my fingers, the hot sun on my shoulders, and a cold beer in my hand. Oh, Yeah!

Niece Rita & Me, Folly Beach, SC

Sigh! I am in a dark cubby at the moment, so I'll just have to placate my surf longing with a few lovely water-inspired designs.

via  BB&B

I actually don't like too many themed items in one room, but these turquoise bucket lamps stopped me in my tracks. I like beach done subtle, so I would probably lose the coral and whale and...


This is a photo of a restaurant design but you could use the same vinette in a home--understated nautical print, white bead board, rope shade, and round mirror. Yep!

Iron bed frame and white bead board equals just plain classic and casual.

If you have ever been to the beach when it is cold or damp (and I have!), you can imagine how cozy this would be.

Tired yet of the turquoise dresser that appears virtually everywhere on the blogosphere? Not me. Can't get enough.

I love this touch of glam (waterfall chandelier) with a tired (and beautiful) rustic table.

 via coral cafe

I am not into the glam factor much but this coral table is really smoking hot.

Me? Not so much! Happy summer dreaming anyway, and I'll see ya'll at the the beach!

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