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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Sleepy Poet

Had a lot of fun today with Laura visiting the shops at The Sleepy Poet. This place goes on FOREVER! Be prepared to spend at least 2 hours. The variety of styles was crazy. Almost every photo I took was blurry, but I do have to show you this one just because it featured a domino shout-out. And you know your heart beats a little faster when you see domino!

What woman does not love a big, rustic farm table. It is part of the fantasy of a big family get together with great food and a few good bottles of wine:

I was somewhat disappointed though.Word to the wise for my fellow bloggers who rent spaces: I understand it took time and money to find items and you have to pay rent, but pleazzzzeee, no off-the-hook prices. Sleepy Poet had a LOT of foot traffic but hardly any buyers. I picked up about 20 items I liked, but not at those prices. Keep in mind that only two types of people shop these places--antique hunters and bargain hunters.  Remember your customer.

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