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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playing House

I needed a break from the computer and wanted to just nest, cuz baby it's cold outside! I baked a chicken, had some sour dough bread with real butter and marmalade jam, and downed some wine. 

Before that though, I played house. I hung up my Tender Hearts $6 tangerine curtains.

The color is awesome. When they are drawn closed and the sun is at its zenith, the space actually glows a beautiful orange. It's like tangible sunshine.

If you have followed me at all, you know that I am infatuated with the turquoise and blue combo. I had painted the opposite wall blue.

It is just the wrong blue.  I am going to repaint it a toned down turquoise like that shown in the vase. I also have turquoise in my new painting:

My dining area and my living room run together, and I like how the blue and orange play throughout, but as you can see in this shot, my sideboard blue is not turquoise but similar to the color of my accent wall.

So I may just have to paint it turquoise, too. It is a challenge to mix the blues just as it is a challenge to mix the traditional with the modern, but that is what most of us have to do with our inherited pieces, such as my dining set. Still, I think the juxtaposition of styles in a home give it the look of acquired timelessness, which I love, and a sense of warmth and comfort. In these two photos (sorry, one is very blurry) you can see what I mean:

I love changing it up and am very happy with the tangerine curtains. I was going to opt for sail cloth drapes, but with the addition of this unexpected find, I'll just tone down the colors by recovering the dining chairs in painter's canvas. So....I'm off this morning to buy some drop cloth.  Hope you all have a good weekend, and don't forget the child inside and play a little house this weekend. After all, baby it's cold outside!

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