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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Decorating!

Ugh! I am a few days behind on uploading the second issue of Royal Diadem Magazine because of some unexpected distractions during the holidays. I am in that sweet and agonizing last stage of almost giving birth--exquisite and painful all at the same time. It also doesn't help that my paying job has been pretty busy since Tuesday. It is time this momma took a creative break. Check out these fantastic Polish Posters I stumbled upon via

Amazing visual design. I am feeling better already. Was stunned to discover that this bold piece is actually a textile:

Pretty fantastic, huh? This alphabet is by Alexander Girard, also via On the home front, I was listlessly clicking through scads of gorgeous pics just wanting something to grab my attention, but all of you web/print people are like me, scrambling after the holidays to get the new stuff posted!

Any hoo, who knew it would be stamp art that caught my tired eye.

Different, no? Perusing Pinterest, I found this industrial graphic sign. Mixed with the tangerine and sophisticated decor, it kinda stopped my heart for a beat or two:


Pretty stunning! And speaking of tangerine and needing a break, I stopped by my local thrift shop during  lunch today (told you I needed a break). I couldn't believe that I found two pairs of tangerine drapes for the living room for just $6--go me!  It kills me that I can't do ANYTHING with them until I finish the mag though. I have furniture to strip, a website to build, and cruise to go on, oh, and and some bottles to spray paint. That is when I am not at work.

Anticipation is one of the best parts of  the creative process, though. Gets me all tingly. I usually can't wait to see how my ideas turn out, but they will just have to keep on ice until the right time. Still, I want to play house!

I love Christmas, but the minute the tree is down and the Christmas lights grow cold, I get restless to redecorate. It's like a disease, ya'll. I cannot help myself.  Anyway, happy New Year!

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