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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bees Knees!

So sorry I haven't posted any new material lately. Since returning from Virginia, I am working very hard behind the scenes on another project near and dear to my heart, the launch of my new Christian magazine Royal Diadem. I am trying to get permissions wrapped up before the final launch and I am still tweaking layout issues and doing last minute editing. I have also been trying to catch up on household maintenance.  My lawn mower pooped out on me and every weekend has been so full that the house has gotten, well, dirty!  I did finally catch up on the mowing, planted some zebra grass against my new fence, and hung some new flower baskets as well as planted just a small vegetable garden. Dang, I haven't even had time to salivate over other people's designs.  I have this little gem stored on my hard drive to share with you though.  As my daughter says, isn't she the bees knees? Just saying!

This photo is from an older Florida Design magazine spread.  I have always loved the look and feel of this room. I take it out occasionally so we can visit and chat.  She speaks to me, "Don't you love my cool blues?" "And oh yeah, Lori, you know you love oversized art." In this case, the art not only makes the room by lending it that extra something-something with its juicy pop of color, but this little beauty ties it all together and says, "That's right! I'm not just beautiful, I'm sexy!" It really does turn traditional on its head.  And what's not to love about the pale blue linen-like fabric on the chairs?  I like the contrast with the dark wood legs. That's right, she's got nice legs! Here's the link to see all of their delicious issues: Florida Design.

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