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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Want That!

I was browsing photos of my favorite color combo these days, turquoise and orange, and found this photo.  I want that! I want to be in this boat. Now, please! It has been so hot in South Carolina.

This photo posted on House of Turquoise caught my eye and I am hoping that Erin doesn't mind that I am reposting it here.  After all, we do share the same love of turquoise. For more gorgeous photos featuring turquoise, you must visit her site.


Is it summer escapism or is it just that this room makes me long to get my feet in the sand and find a fishing pole? I have five more working days until a much needed vacation. I have given myself two whole days of R&R at Myrtle Beach but the rest of the time will be spent actually launching my new magazine, Royal Diadem, on ISSUU.  If any of you have used this platform and have some tips, by all means send them to me! Two days at the beach just isn't enough so some friends and I will be booking a cruise by the end of next week to go to the Bahamas in September. Can't wait to lock that down!

Last night I got the last permission I needed from one of the big players for the magazine. Very excited about that, but I have one more ad to build and then it is launch time with all the techno-babble that entails. I am thinking that when I get frustrated, I'll just grab a paint brush and knock out a few of those projects I brought home in the pickup. Here's a peek at the front and back covers. The fonts didn't transfer here because I am posting from a different computer, but this is the basic look:

Tonight is small group with the ladies. We are winding down our Ester series with some banana pudding I made early this morning and have chilling in the fridge. I am finally visiting the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte on Saturday with my friend Laura so I am sure I will have some great pics to post from that.

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