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Saturday, June 4, 2011

By the Sweat of My Brow!

What a great Saturday! Hope you are all enjoying this hot, sweaty, I mean sunny, weather. And sweat, I did! I started yard sailing in the early morning hours, cut the grass, cleaned down the siding on the back of my house, ran to the grocery store and home depot, then went to my son's apartment (with toolbox) to help him hang some curtains, washed clothes, cut the grass, and moved furniture like a fool. Why all this craziness you ask? Cuz I had to do my chores plus go treasure hunting. I don't call myself a girl with a penchant for yard sales for nothing. And I certainly found some sweet deals:

I really couldn't believe that I found this chair for $5 and the ceramic jar lamp for $3. I surprised myself by buying the tall lamps with brass, but if you have followed me at all, you know I want to redo that table in my dining room turquoise.  I never liked the graphic lamp shades I picked up for my bedroom, so I am thinking I may cover them in a great turquoise fabric and use on these tall lamps. As for the chair, after pictures pleazzze! Here is the after pictures of my bird cage and bird house, though he does sorta blend into the woods:

So now I have a pair of bird cages and it feels pri-t-y good! I just removed the fake vines and put in a real plant. I did save the fake bird though to put in my bird house. Isn't this cute?

While shopping for bargains, I met a a wonderful lady who has her own booth at the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte. We exchanged cards and talked shop. Dana promised me a trip, but now I have to go and snap some pictures.  It was nice meeting you today Laura Mallard! And Ms. Mallard had some great stuff at her yard sale:

She let me "steal" this rug from her for just $10. Whadda ya think? I know, pretty lady here is distracting you, but come back! Look how good her rug looks on my floor:

Nice for 10 smack-a-roos, huh? One thing about yard sailing is that you don't always find exactly what you need or want but you edit later.  I needed another table in my small hall because what I had was too wide. This isn't really my style, but for $5 it fits the space better and I can resell it later.

And finally, my pretty painted lady. All of the rest of the stuff in the truck are projects.

I think that is enough for one day. Whew, I am one tired lady! My best friend's son is graduating high school tomorrow (go Jordan!) and I promised to help her get the party on. We will be decorating and then hosting for a whole lotta high school boys and their families tomorrow. And I think I am tired now?


  1. I love the white birdcage as a planter!! Great finds! You woulda loved my development today (it was community yard sale day) & evrybody was setting stuff out early this morning as Tony & I were headed out to kings dominion. I was torn cuz I woulda loved to do some browsing & also put some of my junk out as well haaha!

  2. You know I love finding treasures but it isn't every day you get to go to a great amusement park with your honey. Hope you had a great time!

  3. Hi neighbor, I am just down the road from you in Lancaster.

    I rented a spot this Saturday at a charity yard sale and missed out on oodles of sales here in Lancaster. :(

  4. I know how you feel! It is almost painful, isn't it. LOL!

  5. love the birdcage!