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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Not to Like?

Since I can't get into any new projects for at least two weeks, I get to bug my niece by sending her gorgeous rooms featuring green, which is a color she is kind-of considering for her new townhouse.  She has this beautiful front window area just big enough for two chairs.  Check out these chairs and the other rooms featured in Traditional Home

That's the thing about a wing back, they always look right-now and fit into traditional and contemporary style if you pick a great fabric like this! 

I really like the idea of wallpaper for a stairwell, especially one that is cramped or you can't do much with because of its height or other constraints. However, I would pick a much more fabulous wallpaper than this one. It would absolutely need to be something you can live with for a while. And the chandelier in this photo, sorry but, "heck no!" Doesn't look by the railing that it is in an ultra modern home so it just doesn't go.

Still the wallpaper is a great idea. I would add some roman shades that complement the wallpaper and cozy up the space even more. Or maybe some frosted graphic birds. A great wallpaper with some painted stairs are even better. I really like this "new" trend as it is a great way to personalize the builder-box house. I grew up in a home that had painted red steps leading to the top floor. Don't know what that was all about, but what's old is new:


  1. Love the green. I recently re-did my kitchen in that color. I blogged about the kitchen change up ( of course, giggle) Hugs!

  2. Just checked out Katherine's Corner and there is a lot to see. I urge you to go check her out! BTW, loved her greens in the kitchen.

  3. love the 1st pic modern country and I think the wallpaper is a great idea for Nanas stairwell!