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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas

So much going on lately that I haven't had time to post anything or work on my projects. I hope to finish the lamp tomorrow and show the "after." I did yard sail some this morning before I went to spend the day with my mom shopping for Father's Day Gifts and birthday gifts. I haven't done the mall in like 10 years, but mom is in a wheelchair so we have to go where she can get in and out. You should have seen the look on the 24-year-old sales clerk's face at Victoria Secret when she rounded the corner and seen my mom in her wheelchair. Priceless! No push-up bras or sexy undies for mom, but she did want to find that perfume her granddaughter wore that she liked so much!

But back to the treasure hunting. I found some VERY cheap art at a multifamily yard sale this weekend thanks to sweet Diane and her Facebook tip. Thanks Diane! All of it is on the nautical side, which is the direction I am going for without being cheesy nautical. Love this print and it reminds me of the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras:

This print drew me like a moth to a flame because of the type of boat depicted.  I used to see these boats on the Chesapeake and even the Potomac when I was a little girl fishing with my family and I just love nautical maps. It actually looks awkward hanging in my dining room even though it is a large print because there is just too much wall for one picture. It's just plain lost here. Any ideas?

It is actually a print of Hilton Head, South Carolina and surrounding area. The flash and lighting just don't do it justice.

I found this tricked-out, I mean framed-out, mirror for $7 to complete the art wall in my bedroom.  This is my first attempt at layering and doing an art wall and it reminds me of what Stacy London from "What Not to Wear" always says: "It doesn't match. It goooeeesss!"

And go it does. I must save my reputation here and tell you that there is no smudge like the flash is showing. Heck, this girl goes cheap, but some things are worth the price. I love Perfect Glass. If I have to wash or polish something, don't make me do it three times Windex! Since I found my lighthouse picture, I moved the art from the hallway over the computer desk so this wall is finally on its way. I picked this oil painting up this winter at the Starving Artist show in Charlotte:

I know, you are distracted by my cute family on the computer.  Well, they are cute, so I don't blame you for looking.

Finally, I have to give you some context as to why I love the white mugs I purchased today for $2. Here's the thing: they are an entire set of matching mugs. I never knew one could attain that. Aspire, yes. Attain, no. You know how when your kids are little and every ornament on the tree is made out of macaroni or yarn and well, you go through Home and Gardens and your tree, well, it just looks like something Charlie Brown threw together. Well, I could not wait to get rid of my rag-tag, mismatched collections of mugs. Just because I can! I don't have to save every 99 cent mug some kid or coworker gives me from the dollar store (sorry guys). I can have grown-up, matching mugs.  And yes, we love the little bugers, but I can COLOR COORDINATE my tree now if I want!

These just make me smile. Now I have just got to stop keeping the roads hot every weekend and actually get some painting done. I also think I have officially missed spring cleaning my windows as it is now almost July. My grandmother would roll over in her grave. And the oven and refrigerator are long overdue for a little TLC.  I don't think there is a soul who hates cleaning her oven more than me and I have a self-cleaning oven. I can dust and mop till I drop, but I hate crusty-nasty ovens and that yellow globby substance that always accumulates under the vegetable bins in the fridge. What is this stuff?

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