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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can We Say Summer!

This key lime cake looked so good posted on the The Lettered Cottage I had to share it with my niece Naomi, who is THE undisputed cook in the family.  She bought an awesome lemon pie from the Virginia Farmer's market for our family get-together on Sunday.  She made a fabulous potato salad to go with a great pulled pork roast she slow cooked for BBQ. She also made this unique macaroni salad with cucumber. Can we say yum! With all of the wedding happenings, I couldn't believe she managed to pull all of that together, but she takes after her Grandmother Sandy--the Wonder Woman of hospitality. As we devoured our lemon pie, of course we then chatted about how much we love key lime pie.  So Naomi, we just have to try this key lime cake!

And in keeping with the green theme, I like this gray and green combo posted on Desire to Inspire.  Very contemporary and soothing. What do you think?


  1. Yummmm...would love to try that! I like the grey and green but would probably want to lighten up the grey on the walls :)

  2. Grey and green....hmmmm never thought of that combo, but I think I like it.