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Monday, May 2, 2011

Art with a History

Last July, my daughter and I spent a day shopping before attending the Greek Festival in Charlotte.  On the way to visit one of our favorite home furnishing stores in Fort Lawn, I spotted this beautiful old home on the side of the highway.  My daughter is a fantastic picture taker so she crawled her way through the weeds and climbed a hill to snap this pic of an abandoned farm house.

I love the beauty of decay and thought this house had such a story to tell. Who lived there? What happened? I can almost see the children running around the yard and some large dogs napping on the porch. Notice the old outdoor room on the second floor. I imagine some sisters giggling in the dark as they try to cool off from the heat of a Southern day to get some sleep almost underneath the stars. Then we found these railroad relics:

I asked her to put her special touch on them and send them to me. I framed them and now they hang over my couch in the living room. So for just a few bucks, I've got a photo display of a special day with my daughter that is now a keepsake:

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