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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Geez I'm nervous! I am in awe of you seasoned bloggers who I secretly admire and drool over your posts. Mr. Goodwill Hunting inspired me to blog, particularly because he is from my hometown of Rock Hill, or for us locals--Rock Thrill!  This is my first attempt at blogging but I just had to share my big yard sale score this weekend as I continue my journey in creating my dream bedroom. I'll start with these awful bedside tables I got at a yard sale in March for $25 for the pair.  I spray painted them satan white and then decoupaged the tops with this beautiful black-and-white damask wrapping paper I picked up at Walmart.

I still have to find new hardware but I think the look of them came out nice, but I really struggled with the decoupage. It is not a smooth nice finish, so I have yet to poly them because I may scrape them off and try again. Using the Modge Podge was harder than I anticipated. The paper easily tore while I tried to smooth is out. 

These pillows are part of my Big Score this weekend. They are pale green toile and the large graphic leaf print pillow caught my eye from across the room.  Suffice it to say, it's a good thing no one got in my way! To bring everyone up to speed on what I have done so far, after I finished the side tables, I spray painted two plain, black lamp bases that looked a little federal apple green and replaced the plain, big-box store shades with these graphic black-and-white shades from Target.  I think they were about $15 a piece. My headboard I made a few yeas ago out of plywood and covered it in dark brown "pleather."  The art over the lamps I picked up this weekend for $5 a piece at House of Bread's yard sale. (BTW, the bed isn't centered under the art because right now, my computer table is taking up too much room on the other side of the bed, but more of that later!)

I have been on a quest for a round table to go between two bedroom chairs and got this for free on the side of the road about a month ago but it was missing its glass top.

I have this REALLY ugly industrial-type table I have my computer on that has a glass top that I am going to replace as soon as I can when find a writing table or sofa table I can refurnish, so this little beauty will have to wait. I'll take the glass top from the other table and have it cut to fit.

On a rainy Saturday two weekends ago, I took out my staple gun and covered these mini bulletin boards I found at a Walmart sidewalk sale for $3 a piece with pre-cut fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby for $6 and, presto chango, cheapo art:

This is a huge wall so I will be looking to add more to it.  Big score item #2 was this beauty at the House of Bread yard sale for $10!! Notice it is round like the free one I picked up with no top. I am going to refinish it with some black latex paint:

Now for The Big Score. Take a look at this beauty I snagged from my favorite used furniture store on Cherry Road. Who could not love this lamp. Asking price $40, actual damage = $25.  I got this yummy damask cream lamp shade at House of Bread also for $5! I have to say I am as proud of her as I am of my children! 

And so there is no sibling rivalry, I flanked her between my actual two children! I spent this Saturday visiting my favorite local places--The Shoppes at River's Edge and Wow! Home Furnishings (who BTW is going out of business).  Thanks for indulging me and I'll leave you with this parting photo of my gorgeous grand-dog Foster, a.k.a., Fozzie!

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