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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free = Sweet!

Hmm...she's a little bit country but she's as sturdy as a cedar tree and built to last.  I was a little unsure of the plaid but the colors are not screaming and a) she is green like my walls; b) according to original owner never sat in but once; and c) she's free! Red is one of my favorite colors and was the third color I was going to introduce to my room.

I love to mix styles but this may present a challenge.  I have decided to put up a privacy fence in my backyard between my duplex unit and my neighbor.  You know what they say, fences make for good neighbors! I really need to create an oasis.  I called the powers that be to come mark the lines.  Here's what I came home to:

I think I may be in over my head.  Gee, is it green=sewer and orange=electric, no no, orange=communication lines.  Yellow=dang! I forgot.  Seriously, I wrote it all down.  Everyone has come by except for the first place I called--the power company. I really hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew.  You know when you start a project and you're pretty confident you can pull it off.  I was doing okay until I realized I couldn't even lift the 80-pound bags of Quickcrete off the truck.  The young man who put it in the truck didn't even break a sweat, grimace, or almost drop the whole bag!

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  1. It looks like you ended up with graphiti art in your back yard! So funny!