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Monday, May 9, 2011

Laura's Garden

My friend Laura has such a beautiful court yard and flower gardens that I asked her if I could snap some pictures and share them with you.  Every single corner of her yard and garden has a vinette of some kind so come on in and take a peek:

This is her new fountain she purchased at Lowes about two weeks ago.  Looking at a picture just doesn't do it justice. The sound is divine! These two pictures are of her small court yard:

Who wouldn't want to swing here? Below is another angle of the court yard.  I still haven't gotten to her yard!

 Here's a pic of her side yard. Can you believe how beautiful her grass is?

If you think you could never do something like this yourself, I have to tell you that Laura is a beautiful 80+ something gal who has and does plant everything herself and mows her own lawn. Here's a sweet little sign she recently picked up and hung on her work shed.  Cute:

Here's a few shots of her beautiful barn birdhouses.  She recently painted them a brighter red to stand out in the woods.  It works!

And who wouldn't want to have coffee in this little cafe?

Or settle in to read a book here:

Thanks for sharing your garden, Laura.  So no excuses ladies.  If this mature beautiful lady can do it--you can too!

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