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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hey Little Sister Shotgun!

Enjoyed seeing my family so much at the wedding. All of my nieces are so beautiful, but the bride was breathtaking!  It is always good to go home and remember where you came from. I love Winchester, Virginia and West Virginia so much. Ailise, the bride, did all of her own decorations and I thought...hmm...if there is a way to make a firehouse did it Ailise! And what's not to love about this cake?

Here is a pic of my other two beautiful nieces.  The crazy brunette did a rolling-in-the-aisle funny parody solo to Billy Idol's "White Wedding." The whole place was rocking and I almost peed myself! It was great seeing my niece Naomi's first townhome too.  It is all builder grade so on the DL between festivities, we talked design and potential. Can't wait to see what she does to the place.

Nothing like a side of sauce ladies! See you the week of July 4.

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